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Open N Stop + 9cm extension white

Open N Stop + 9cm extension white

MSRP: $59.99



Case Pack:
1 unit(s)

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Dimensions Approx:
0.4 x 33.1 x 30.3 inches

Age recommendation:
0 - 24 months

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This Open N Stop stair gate comes with a 3.5 in extension to be used for widths from 33.1-35 in. If you wish to secure larger openings (37.8-39.8 in), we recommend our Open N Stop inclusive 8.2 in extension and for standard openings (29.5-31.5 in) the Open N Stop without any extension. Each model of this gate can be extended with a maximum of two extension extension and up to a maximum width of 48 in. With Y-spindles, the gate can also be used for round stair railings.

Assembly is quick and easy. The metal gate is clamped between walls or in door frames with fixing screws. No drilling required.

Open N Stop has a double manual locking mechanism. It can be opened with just one hand and engages reliably into the childproof lock.

With extensions, the gate can be used flexibly up to a width of 43.3 in. In addition, it can also bo combined with our separately available Y-spindles to attach it to landings with round bars (optional).

The following dimensions and combinations are possible:

29.5-31.5 in = safety gate only
33.1-35 in = safety gate + 3.5 in extension
36.6-38.6 in = safety gate + 2 x 3.5 in extension
37.8-39.8 in = safety gate + 8.2 in extension
41.3 - 43.3 in = safety gate + 3.5 in extension + 8.2 in extension
46.1-48 in = safety gate + 2x 8.2 in extension

Assembly instructions: This product is a self-adjusting gate. This means that the gate's initial misaligning/gap on the level of the locking mechanism is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame.

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