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Open N Stop KD incl. 21cm extension

Open N Stop KD incl. 21cm extension

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Case Pack:
1 unit(s)

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Dimensions Approx:
0.4 x 37.8 x 30.3 inches

Age recommendation:
0 - 24 months

The safety gate Open N Stop KD comes with a 21cm extension and can be used to childproof openings of 96 to 101 cm. If you want to secure smaller openings (84 - 89 cm), we recommend the Open N Stop KD that comes with a 9cm extension and for standard openings (75 - 80 cm) the Open N Stop KD without any extension. Each gate can be combined with a maximum of two extensions, one on each side. For round stair railings, we recommend our Y-spindle.

The attachment is done in the twinkling of an eye. The metal gate is clamped by pressure mounting between walls or doorways. Drilling and screwing is not necessary.

The Open N Stop KD can be openen in both direction with one hand only. This way, one hands remains always free for your little treasure. The safety gate has a two-fold manual locking mechanism that locks reliably in its childproof closure.

With separately available extensions, the gate can be individually extended and used as a stair gate. Do you have a stair railing with round bars? Then you can attach the safety gate next to the extensions of 9 and 21 cm with the separately available Y-spindles.

The following combinations are possible:

75 - 80 cm = Safety gate only
96 - 101 cm = Safety gate + 21cm extension (inclusive)
105 - 110 cm = Safety gate + 21cm extension (inclusive) + 9cm extension (optional)
117 - 122 cm = Safety gate + 21cm extension (inclusive) + 21cm extension (optional)

This product is a self-adjusting gate. This means that the gate's initial misaligning/gap on the level of the locking mechanism is eliminated by tightening the locking screws in the frame.

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